We operate under the settlement models established by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), operating under the Delivery versus Payment (DvP) model. 

In addition, settlement is performed in real time in the system. Settlement cycles are performed every 2 minutes and it takes seconds for the process to start and finish.

Modification to the settlement cycle from T 2 to T 1

In response to market demand to optimize operating procedures and in line with the international trend of shortening settlement periods, the Mexican capital markets are currently in the process of reducing the settlement period from T 2 to T 1. This modification will be applied on May 27th, 2024.


INDEVAL as a Qualified Intermediary

INDEVAL received approval from the Internal Revenue Service - IRS (United States Tax Authority) to

operate as a Qualified Intermediary (QI). As a result of this initiative, as of January 1st, 2023, INDEVAL

will control the tax withholding process for payments of securities listed in the SIC (International

Quotation System) from the United States.


Download API version 7.0.5

If you are a client, and you want to download version 7.0.5 of the interface, click on the following button


Business Continuity Plan

We have a Business Continuity Plan, which allows us to maintain our services despite any eventuality, all this through risk management and processes to be followed in case of any unforeseen event.

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Electronic issuance of securities

In order to take advantage of technology, Indeval implemented an electronic securities issuance service, thus streamlining processes, reducing costs and adhering to sustainable projects. In the year 2023, more than 836 physical securities of series "1" and "C-1" that are currently in the custody of Indeval were exchanged for electronic ones.

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Increase in custody of domestic securities

We reported a total custody of MXN 35.2 BN in the last quarter (which is mostly distributed in government debt, equity and mutual funds and afores). At year-end 2023 this represented an increase of 12% over 2022.

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Historical Highs in SIC Securities Custody

Indeval has a new historical amount of assets in custody in the SIC (Sistema Internacional de Cotizaciones), in the last quarter it had an amount of 77.3 BN USD in custody, which exceeds the amounts recorded in previous dates, in addition to an increase in custody of assets of 18.7% with respect to the year 2022.

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